With an unemployment rate of 27%, SANZAF holds that entrepreneurial development is critical in tacking joblessness in South Africa.  Increasing entrepreneurial activity has the potential to reduce inequality and foster economic growth.

As part of its portfolio of development projects, SANZAF Gauteng runs a 6-week entrepreneurship-training course for aspiring entrepreneurs. On completion of the training, the entrepreneurs present their own business plans, with those meeting the criteria securing start-up funding. The course covers nine modules including Entrepreneurship, Business Ideas and Opportunities, Types of Businesses, Location, Sales, Marketing, Finance and the Business Plan.

Having considered the challenges that many entrepreneurs face in launching their businesses, SANZAF now provides further support in the form of mentorship. The mentorship programme pairs volunteer mentors with the entrepreneurs for a 12-month period. The mentors are either business owners or professionals who volunteer as mentors. The mentoring relationship aims to transfer skills and expertise from the mentor to the mentee and also allows the mentors to contribute to the development work carried out by SANZAF in an organised and impactful manner. 

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