Western Cape

Our Volunteer Promise

Our volunteers are the lifeline of all our community projects, and we recognise the pivotal role of volunteers in our organisation.

Volunteers band together to help us with a variety of tasks, from fundraising and distributions to creating awareness and support at events.

Our promise to our volunteers, therefore, will be to:

Ensure that each volunteer has a voice - Each volunteer should feel safe and comfortable enough to share ideas, comments, and suggestions.

Safe environment – Our volunteers should feel that their opinion matters and that each person is welcomed into the SANZAF family.

Self-satisfaction – Our volunteers should know that they have done important work by assisting a person or family to make a difference in their lives for the better. They will be given the opportunity to be involved in a cause that they are passionate about.

Transformation – Volunteers will challenge themselves and others around them by helping out with ideas for events, community visits, fundraising, and creating awareness. This will also allow us to experience different and new things as a SANZAF family.

Acknowledgement – For all the hard work and the pure, good intention of each volunteer, this will be acknowledged.

The SANZAF family as a whole values our volunteers for the following reasons:

Support - Volunteer assistance is critical to the SANZAF family in reaching out to more supporters and donors and raising awareness. The support also helps us create stronger and more relationships with different communities.

New culture – Volunteers help create awareness of a new culture of giving and supporting each other to serve worthwhile causes together.

Creative Ideas - Volunteers bring new and fresh ideas to causes, organizations, and communities, as well as a great and different perspective, including healthier and more energetic perspectives with excitement.


Sign up today to become a SANZAF volunteer!

Our aim here at SANZAF is to grow with the help of our volunteers. We would like our volunteers to help us aspire with projects and ideas and give our volunteers the ability to have volunteer-driven programmes within SANZAF. Our aim and goal is to spread our message all over and to touch each and every person’s heart with it and to also inspire them to help assist with the cause in any way possible.

Over the years, volunteers have assisted with many annual events like our Water Well Project. For many years, SANZAF has constructed water wells, particularly in Malawian villages where there are thousands of people who are struggling to survive without access to clean and safe water. Volunteer contributions will provide people living in poverty with the help needed.

During Ramadan, our volunteers assist with our food programmes and distributions implemented by SANZAF. Volunteers in particular assist with the packing of the food hampers during Ramadan, which is always a fun event because different people from all over come together for one purpose. In addition, volunteers assist with distribution, which is an incredible cause because it allows us to connect and build relationships with different communities.

SANZAF has many more annual programmes taking place as well, such as Qurbani, Empowering Women in Islamic Business & Finances, Feeding Schemes, WAQF, SANZAF Education Programme and Emergency Relief. Within all these projects, the helping hand of a volunteer is always needed. Additionally, SANZAF has a Bursary Programme that volunteers can benefit from and help with. SANZAF supports the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, and this encourages students and grants them relief so that they are able to study further and gain the necessary information to guarantee a successful future for themselves and their families.

Help us spread the word today and encourage everyone to sign up and become a member of the SANZAF Volunteer Family. Contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.